For The Love Of Makeup

In honor of my blog re-vamp, I am once more posting the first article I wrote early last year with the initial release of Too Hard Beauty.

I received my first makeup palette at a young age and I remember how much I loved to play with it. I can still remember the smell of the cheap and probably terribly toxic makeup that I would smear on my face under the supervision of my mother.

File Mar 31, 11 44 04 PMMy favorite holiday growing up was always Halloween because that was when my mom would glam me up into some fantastic princess with her makeup collection. I remember the time and labor that it took for her to apply lipstick and mascara to a seven year old and how I loved every minute of it. I think that’s how I can sit still for an hour and a half when I carefully apply my face before an event. I was also only allowed to wear makeup on Halloween.

File Mar 31, 11 44 17 PM

I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup on a daily basis until I was 14. However that never stopped me from wearing it. I use to hide colorful eye shadow, blush, and eye liner in my locker in middle school. I would apply it when I arrived at school and would try to scrub it off with my spit on the bus ride home. When I finally reached the age of 14 and I was allowed to wear makeup I only wore basic heavy black eyeliner and mascara. I was actually offended when a friend of mine bought me foundation as a Christmas present. (Alexis, if you are reading this I am so so sorry.)

File Mar 31, 11 39 35 PM

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Sephora at the age of 19 that I gained a true love in the art of makeup. After my introduction to Sephora I bought my first high-end mascara and eye shadow pallet (I still own that pallet, it’s the one picture here on the left). I became hooked on reading the how to packets that came with the Too Faced palette and tried to master each look. Then I discovered tutorials on YouTube and would spend hours looking up videos on new looks. I still spend countless hours watching makeup tutorials. I also spend hours trying to recreate the looks, and more often than not, I fail. Miserably. And even when I fail at recreating a look, my love for makeup never wavers.

So thank you to my mother, my Aunt Lala, Spehora, and YouTube for creating the monster that is before you. It is a love story that started early on and in all likeliness, will never waver.

Please share your stories on how you fell in love with makeup down below!

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My name is Brittany and I am the Trying Too Hard Beauty. I have loved beauty and fashion for as long as I can remember. After years of coxing from friends I am trying my hand at a lifestyle blog. I hope you enjoy my experiments and adventures! XO ~Brittany

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