DIY Cornstarch Nails

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to my blog! In this post I will be introducing my DIY segment. This week I will be trying corn starch nails.

Let me start by saying I have a love/hate relationship with fake nails. I go through phases of wanting the beautiful long nails I see all over my pinterest and instagram, and then go through phases of saying F these fake nails. Let’s be honest here, fake nails are expensive and there is a lot of debate on how healthy they are for you. But Damn! How they can look so good! Fake nails make your fingers look so long and beautiful that it’s sometimes worth shelling out hard earned money and breathing in the dust of god knows what to have them.

  I wore fake nails most of last year but haven’t worn them in the couple months to save some money. I’m a server. I work two jobs and money doesn’t come easy most days so I need to limit what I spend money on. When I saw tutorials pop up on my YouTube feed on creating fake nails at home with cornstarch, I jumped all over that.

File Jan 20, 2 14 48 PM

  The videos I watched boasted how these nails have changed their lives with how easy and cheap these nails were to create and how they lasted just as long as the nails you paid for in the salon. I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t easily buy into miracle claims. Well that’s not true. I believe a lot of the things I see out there. Especially when it comes to beauty hacks. I immediately ordered nail tips on amazon, bought cornstarch, and proceeded to spend the next SIX HOURS of my life on these diy cornstarch nails.

  At first I tried the dip powder nail method. First glue nail tips to the natural nail, use a nail file to file and shape. Then apply clear nail polish, then dip the nail in a bowl of cornstarch, and wipe excess cornstarch off with a small brush. Simply alternate between applying clear nail polish and dipping into the cornstarch until desired thickness is reached. It took me about four layers until I felt like my nail looked like it didn’t have a tip glued on. My nails looked uneven and lumpy. This can be solved by buffing the nail so they are smooth and even, which I would have gladly done, IF THEY EVER DRIED!! After an hour of waiting for the nails to dry, I had to call the experiment off so I could begin cooking dinner for the craft night my friend’s and I have once a month. This whole process lasted a good two and a half hours and was so messy! Cornstarch was everywhere and the clean up was not worth it.

  When I attempted to tackle the nails again, I do not give up easy, I tried a method similar to how they apply acrylics in the salon. Like above, glue nail tips onto the natural nail and use a nail file to file and shape. Next, pour clear nail polish onto a piece of tinfoil and mix in cornstarch small amounts at a time until a glue like consistency is formed. Basically it’s like making a cornstarch paste that can simply be painted on with the brush from the clear polish. The nails came out so much smoother and even with this process, and amazingly enough, actually seemed to dry. I also dunked my hands in a bowl of ice water to help with the drying and hardening process. I was actually able to get to the point where I was able to apply colored nail polish. Let me tell you, I was not mad at the final outcome. My nails looked great! It did take a good three hours for me to reach this point, but it was worth it! This way was so much cleaner and easier that I honestly believed it had worked! No. It did not work. Two hours after finishing my nails, they got messed up. They got messed up bad. The cornstarch paste had never hardened so they had a putty-like finish that kept getting dented, moved around, and finally got wiped off when I went to put a jacket on to run to the store. I threw in the towel at this point, said F it, and just took all the putty nails off.  

File Jan 20, 3 30 22 PM

  At the end of the day in my God’s honest opinion, these nails do not work. These nails are not easy, they don’t turn out nice, and they do not come anywhere close to lasting as long as the nails you pay for. This is not the holy grail DIY nails you have been searching for. Just learn from my mistakes, and do not go down this long dark road. However, if you would like to try to get these nails to work, here are the two videos I found to be most helpful:


Have you tried these nails? Let me know if they worked for you!

Thank you for reading, and remember, Let’s All Try Too Hard! Even if the outcome isn’t what you were hoping for!



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BRB…..A quick post

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to my blog!

I know I have been failing miserably at posting lately and every time my phone goes off with an alert of “time to post an article,” I cringe a bit. However, in the last couple of days an exciting thing has happened.

The other morning I was trying to force myself out of bed to start my day and I saw this notification:


Yes, I know, it was almost noon and I was just getting started with my day. I will be honest. Some days I really struggle with getting out of bed. It is an uphill battle that I am determined to win this year. Anyway! Back to my news!

Quebella had featured my mask picture on not only their Instagram, but also their Twitter.


This is a huge deal for me! I have not been featured on anyone’s page, and this is very exciting for me! The rest of you may not find it as exciting, but I do! Having this photo shared is an enforcer to me that I really am taking the right steps to the future and career that I would like for myself.

The last two weeks have been jam-packed between a full work load and being sick. But please, have no fear! I am deep in research and planning mode and will be returning to normal posting mode next week. So please catch up on the last few posts and stay tuned for new batch of posts coming next week!



Francesca’s Haul

Hello and welcome back to my page! I would like to formally introduce you to my once a month segment, Fashion Friday. Each month my Fashion Friday segment will focus on a particular brand or style that I find either interesting or new to me (which isn’t hard since I live in New Mexico and H and M barely open this past September, but that’s a different story).

StorefrontThis month’s Fashion Friday will focus around the boutique turned chain Francesca’s®.

  My humble mall in Santa Fe is, well, to put it bluntly, it’s not a good mall. It has been fairly vacant of most stores for a number of years, with the exception of the anchor stores like Dillard’s and JcPenny, but in the last year it has been receiving a much needed revamp. While making my way to the newly opened H and M, I saw the pink construction walls of the future site of a Francesca’s boutique. I had never heard of Francesca’s before, so of course my interest was peaked and I immediately went home to take a look at their website. After perusing  their website, I knew I had to check this store out once they opened. I set the challenge for myself of attending opening day with $200 and finding 2-3 outfits to truly 

File Dec 21, 2 29 27 PMsee what the store is all about. I roped my friend Lucy into attending with me and plans were set for opening day.

Opening Day:

     The store opened officially at 10 am. There were about 30 people in attendance for the opening, which isn’t terribly surprising since I am sure that most people here don’t know what Francesca’s is, so why bother going to an opening of a store you haven’t heard of before. The store held a raffle of gift cards ranging from $100, $200, and $500. Lucy and I arrived early for a chance to win of the gift cards. Neither of us won the larger gift cards and somehow managed to miss the smaller ones given to the first 20 people in line, but oh well!

File Dec 21, 2 29 52 PM

  The store itself is on the smaller side, I assume to give the true feel of a boutique store, and the clothes they have on the shelves are the only ones they have in store, which is true to the boutique store atmosphere. They carry clothing, accessories, home decor, gifts, and some beauty items, so there is a little something for everyone. The staff was extremely helpful, each associate helped me start a fitting room so I could try on the rather large pile of clothes that I had managed to grab in an attempt to meet my challenge. Once in the fitting room, they offered help on what they thought on my outfit choices, if I needed different sizes, and if there was anything I wanted to be held at the register for final checkout.

File Dec 21, 2 26 10 PM

  After about an hour in the store, I had managed to find 2 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, 1 moto style pant, 1 sweater, and 1 pair of shoes. With the opening day sale they had, buy one get one 60% off everything, my total was around $185. I say around because my special self has managed to throw out the receipt since then and most of the items are no longer available in store or online. Which, let’s be honest, is a pretty large perk so there is a slim chance of running into someone at a party with the same look. What I noticed while waiting in line to check out, was that everyone that had come through the doors had gone out with something in their hands. That says something about a store in my humble opinion. Once Lucy and I checked out we celebrated our finds and were on our way.

The Outfits:

  • Outfit 1: #Dogmom

 This is probably one of my favorite jean outfits that I have had in a long time. I am not one for jeans, or real pants for that matter. I tend to stick with the lose feeling of dresses, skirts, and leggings, but something about the ripped jeans paired with the soft black graphic t shirt, and knit cardigan really caught my eye. The jeans are fairly giving and didn’t dig into my sides or leave those god awful marks in my stomach, the only real downside to the jeans is they are hard to get into since my feet kept getting stuck in the holes. I love the pop of color the burgundy sneakers give the outfit as well. I am all for something that gives a casual outfit a pop of something more interesting. This outfit is also versatile. It can be worn with sneakers or heels, a floppy hat or baseball cap, and everything in between from outfit for walking the dog to a relaxed dinner out with friends. Overall rating for this outfit is 9/10.

  • Outfit 2: Knit Choker Sweater and Moto Pants

  This outfit is so comfortable that it’s insane. The pants are so stretchy and comfortable, the sweater is warm and soft. The only real downside to this outfit is the tops do run larger so I should have gone down a size, but I am not complaining about the extra space for that dessert I had for dinner after the shoot I did for this outfit. The pants are similar to a workout legging in texture and stretch, but have a more elegant look to them. Plus I love anything that will basically let me wear a nicer version of a workout pant to dinner at a nice restaurant.I love that it is a simple outfit, but is also very versatile. You can add a pop of color with shoes and earrings for a casual lunch look, or dress it up with studded booties and an overcoat.  Overall rating for this outfit: 9/10.

Overall Thoughts: Overall I greatly enjoy this store. I have gone back 5-6 times since the opening and they always have something new. I bought many gifts for the holiday season and have already added several earrings to my ever growing jewelry collection. Francesca’s will be a store that I will be shopping at many more times in the future!

Be sure to check out my other photos from my haul in the gallery!

Shop Francesca’s online store

Let me know what Fashion Friday articles you would like to see in the future!

Thank you so much for reading!


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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

For The Love Of Makeup

In honor of my blog re-vamp, I am once more posting the first article I wrote early last year with the initial release of Too Hard Beauty.

I received my first makeup palette at a young age and I remember how much I loved to play with it. I can still remember the smell of the cheap and probably terribly toxic makeup that I would smear on my face under the supervision of my mother.

File Mar 31, 11 44 04 PMMy favorite holiday growing up was always Halloween because that was when my mom would glam me up into some fantastic princess with her makeup collection. I remember the time and labor that it took for her to apply lipstick and mascara to a seven year old and how I loved every minute of it. I think that’s how I can sit still for an hour and a half when I carefully apply my face before an event. I was also only allowed to wear makeup on Halloween.

File Mar 31, 11 44 17 PM

I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup on a daily basis until I was 14. However that never stopped me from wearing it. I use to hide colorful eye shadow, blush, and eye liner in my locker in middle school. I would apply it when I arrived at school and would try to scrub it off with my spit on the bus ride home. When I finally reached the age of 14 and I was allowed to wear makeup I only wore basic heavy black eyeliner and mascara. I was actually offended when a friend of mine bought me foundation as a Christmas present. (Alexis, if you are reading this I am so so sorry.)

File Mar 31, 11 39 35 PM

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Sephora at the age of 19 that I gained a true love in the art of makeup. After my introduction to Sephora I bought my first high-end mascara and eye shadow pallet (I still own that pallet, it’s the one picture here on the left). I became hooked on reading the how to packets that came with the Too Faced palette and tried to master each look. Then I discovered tutorials on YouTube and would spend hours looking up videos on new looks. I still spend countless hours watching makeup tutorials. I also spend hours trying to recreate the looks, and more often than not, I fail. Miserably. And even when I fail at recreating a look, my love for makeup never wavers.

So thank you to my mother, my Aunt Lala, Spehora, and YouTube for creating the monster that is before you. It is a love story that started early on and in all likeliness, will never waver.

Please share your stories on how you fell in love with makeup down below!

Mask Off Monday: Que Bella Masks

   Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Today I will be introducing my twice a month segment of Mask Off Mondays. I am a big believer in skincare, and face masks are essential in maintaining healthy skin. This week I will be covering the Que Bella face masks.

I first discovered this brand aimlessly wandering the isles of my local target. I saw these masks and more importantly, their insanely affordable price, and thought “looks like I’m having an at home spa night!” I have been using these masks on a regular basis since then. Que Bella has so many masks to choose from. They have peel off masks, mud masks, eye masks, hand masks, eye masks, you name it! They make it so easy to have an at home spa day experience. So I thought I would share my Que Bella home spa night with you!

The Routine:

   I always start by boiling a pot of water and then steaming my face to open my pores. You can make it more effective by adding in tea tree oil or lavender oil. I steam my face for about 5 minutes, or until I feel like my pores are nice and large, and then wipe off my face to prep my skin for the peel of mask.

File Jan 03, 11 08 36 PM    This time I am using the Refreshing Pomegranate Peel Off Mask ($1.97). I use my elf mask brushto apply evenlyover my face and then let it dry for about 20-30 minutes. This mask is great because it’s packed with antioxidants that help smooth your skin and pull out impurities. After 20 minutes I peel it off slowly and try to do it in one piece. This mask pulls out so much crud from my face, it’s insane. I’m talking white heads, black heads, face hair, dead skin, my eyebrows, not really, but sometimes if I apply it too low….. Anyway! Once removed my skin feeling so soft and isn’t dries out, which is a huge plus!

   Once I have removed the peel off mask I then wash my File Jan 03, 11 08 16 PMface with warm water and then apply the mud mask to my wet face. I am using the Repairing Charcoal Mask ($2.49) this week. I use my elf brush again, cleaned off of corse, to apply the mud mask evenly to my face. This mask uses charcoal to help unclog pores and menthol to help tighten the pores back up. This mask has a very cooling effect to it from the menthol and feels super refreshing on the skin. Like a peppermint patty for the face. The mud mask only takes about 15 minutes for it to completely dry, and it drys to the point where I can’t move my face. After the mask is dry, I wash it off with warm water, pat dry, and am ready for the next mask!

   My face is usually dried out after using a mud mask, so I always make sure to use a super hydrating sheet mask afterwards. Like the Intense Hydrating Seaweed Hydrogel Mask ($4.99).File Jan 03, 11 14 22 PM

   This is a gel mask that comes in two pieces, which I prefer to a regular sheet mask since it’s easier for me to fit it to my face. The seaweed in the mask helps pump your face with vitamins and minerals, and does have gold in it for an all over glow. It should be left on for about 20 minutes for the mask to fully saturate the skin with hydration. Once removed, I massage in the extra serum on my face so fully sinks in. My face is always so hydrated and glowing after this mask, and I feel like a brand new person!  

   To top everything off I decided to try out the Gel Eye Masks ($2.99) and Intensensive Foot Mask ($4.99), because after working two jobs on my feet all day, my tootsies need a little love.

   The eye masks are made from cloth and sit under the eyes really well and they do not move once applied, which I find can sometimes be a problem with eye masks. In 20 minutes my eyes look much more refreshed and smooth. I did I mention that you get three pairs for $2.99??!! $2.99, for three masks?? Are you kidding??? Moving on…

   The foot mask did throw me for a loop. They are in a sock style the encapsulates your entire footand the inside of the socks are so slimy! Like so slimy to the point where I was honestly doubting if I wanted to wear the socks for the full 20 minutes. But let me tell you what, I am so glad I stuck it out! My feet were so soft and smooth afterwards. Even the random hard skin I have on my pinky toes were softer, it was so worth sitting through the slimy feeling and I will be using them again!

Overall Thoughts:

All in all, I love the Que Bella Face Mask brand. They are have such affordable products that pack some serious results. I will continue using these masks long into the future.

Have you tried these masks? Let me know below!


File Jan 03, 11 07 46 PM

This post is not sponsored.

Shop products:

Que Bella Refreshing Peel Off Mask

Que Bella Repairing Mud Mask

Que Bella Seaweed Hydrogel Mask

Que Bella Gel Eye Mask

Que Bella Foot Mask

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure, 2-Ounce

NOW Lavender Oil, 1-Ounce


Hello Everyone and Welcome to Too Hard Beauty!

My name is Brittany Smith and I am the author of Too Hard Beauty. Too Hard Beauty has been a dream of mine for a few years now and I am looking forward to finally bring it in life. To get started I wanted to have an introductory article for my readers on what Too Hard Beauty means to me.

I came up with the name after struggling for a few days on what name I wanted to have represent me and my brand. I started thinking of fashion and beauty in general and how hard it is to get a good grasp on. Overall, I find that many of us are trying too hard. We are trying too hard to find the perfect foundation, we are trying too hard to find the perfect eye makeup to compliment our eye shape, we are trying too hard to find the perfect outfit to make our ex’s hate themselves for leaving, we are trying too hard to get the perfect Instagram post. All in all, we are all trying too hard. And from thinking about all of these factors, the name Too Hard Beauty was created.

What makes us try too hard? And why does trying too hard have such a negative spin on it? Everyone has their own reasons for trying too hard, and personally I think we should embrace it. Beauty and Fashion is hard, but that’s what makes it so much fun, and why I love it so much. Experimenting, finding new things, and failing horribly with the unknown is exciting and should be embraced. We should all try too hard.

Too Hard Beauty is aimed to be a lifestyle blog. I will be covering as much as a can and trying too hard. I will be covering skincare, fashion, makeup, diy projects, and 30 day challenges. I hope to eventually travel the world to cover trends and standards from across the globe and partner with different beauty gurus and stylists to create a new world of understanding beauty and fashion. I hope to turn Too Hard Beauty into my career and hope to take you all with me on this journey.

I look forward to this journey and hope that you will as well. So follow me and let’s all Try Too Hard!


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