Mask Off Monday: Que Bella Masks

   Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Today I will be introducing my twice a month segment of Mask Off Mondays. I am a big believer in skincare, and face masks are essential in maintaining healthy skin. This week I will be covering the Que Bella face masks.

I first discovered this brand aimlessly wandering the isles of my local target. I saw these masks and more importantly, their insanely affordable price, and thought “looks like I’m having an at home spa night!” I have been using these masks on a regular basis since then. Que Bella has so many masks to choose from. They have peel off masks, mud masks, eye masks, hand masks, eye masks, you name it! They make it so easy to have an at home spa day experience. So I thought I would share my Que Bella home spa night with you!

The Routine:

   I always start by boiling a pot of water and then steaming my face to open my pores. You can make it more effective by adding in tea tree oil or lavender oil. I steam my face for about 5 minutes, or until I feel like my pores are nice and large, and then wipe off my face to prep my skin for the peel of mask.

File Jan 03, 11 08 36 PM    This time I am using the Refreshing Pomegranate Peel Off Mask ($1.97). I use my elf mask brushto apply evenlyover my face and then let it dry for about 20-30 minutes. This mask is great because it’s packed with antioxidants that help smooth your skin and pull out impurities. After 20 minutes I peel it off slowly and try to do it in one piece. This mask pulls out so much crud from my face, it’s insane. I’m talking white heads, black heads, face hair, dead skin, my eyebrows, not really, but sometimes if I apply it too low….. Anyway! Once removed my skin feeling so soft and isn’t dries out, which is a huge plus!

   Once I have removed the peel off mask I then wash my File Jan 03, 11 08 16 PMface with warm water and then apply the mud mask to my wet face. I am using the Repairing Charcoal Mask ($2.49) this week. I use my elf brush again, cleaned off of corse, to apply the mud mask evenly to my face. This mask uses charcoal to help unclog pores and menthol to help tighten the pores back up. This mask has a very cooling effect to it from the menthol and feels super refreshing on the skin. Like a peppermint patty for the face. The mud mask only takes about 15 minutes for it to completely dry, and it drys to the point where I can’t move my face. After the mask is dry, I wash it off with warm water, pat dry, and am ready for the next mask!

   My face is usually dried out after using a mud mask, so I always make sure to use a super hydrating sheet mask afterwards. Like the Intense Hydrating Seaweed Hydrogel Mask ($4.99).File Jan 03, 11 14 22 PM

   This is a gel mask that comes in two pieces, which I prefer to a regular sheet mask since it’s easier for me to fit it to my face. The seaweed in the mask helps pump your face with vitamins and minerals, and does have gold in it for an all over glow. It should be left on for about 20 minutes for the mask to fully saturate the skin with hydration. Once removed, I massage in the extra serum on my face so fully sinks in. My face is always so hydrated and glowing after this mask, and I feel like a brand new person!  

   To top everything off I decided to try out the Gel Eye Masks ($2.99) and Intensensive Foot Mask ($4.99), because after working two jobs on my feet all day, my tootsies need a little love.

   The eye masks are made from cloth and sit under the eyes really well and they do not move once applied, which I find can sometimes be a problem with eye masks. In 20 minutes my eyes look much more refreshed and smooth. I did I mention that you get three pairs for $2.99??!! $2.99, for three masks?? Are you kidding??? Moving on…

   The foot mask did throw me for a loop. They are in a sock style the encapsulates your entire footand the inside of the socks are so slimy! Like so slimy to the point where I was honestly doubting if I wanted to wear the socks for the full 20 minutes. But let me tell you what, I am so glad I stuck it out! My feet were so soft and smooth afterwards. Even the random hard skin I have on my pinky toes were softer, it was so worth sitting through the slimy feeling and I will be using them again!

Overall Thoughts:

All in all, I love the Que Bella Face Mask brand. They are have such affordable products that pack some serious results. I will continue using these masks long into the future.

Have you tried these masks? Let me know below!


File Jan 03, 11 07 46 PM

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