BRB…..A quick post

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to my blog!

I know I have been failing miserably at posting lately and every time my phone goes off with an alert of “time to post an article,” I cringe a bit. However, in the last couple of days an exciting thing has happened.

The other morning I was trying to force myself out of bed to start my day and I saw this notification:


Yes, I know, it was almost noon and I was just getting started with my day. I will be honest. Some days I really struggle with getting out of bed. It is an uphill battle that I am determined to win this year. Anyway! Back to my news!

Quebella had featured my mask picture on not only their Instagram, but also their Twitter.


This is a huge deal for me! I have not been featured on anyone’s page, and this is very exciting for me! The rest of you may not find it as exciting, but I do! Having this photo shared is an enforcer to me that I really am taking the right steps to the future and career that I would like for myself.

The last two weeks have been jam-packed between a full work load and being sick. But please, have no fear! I am deep in research and planning mode and will be returning to normal posting mode next week. So please catch up on the last few posts and stay tuned for new batch of posts coming next week!